Born 1966 in Westerschouwen, the Netherlands. Marian Wijnvoord studied painting at the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten, Amsterdam. After having taught painting for several years in the United States at Alfred University, NY, she returned to Europe in 1997 - moving from Paris to Berlin, where she now works and lives.


Selected Solo Exhibitions

2021             ‘It’s Curtains’, Zwitsermachine, Berlin

2020            ‘The Sad Truth’, Kunstpunkt Berlin

2019             National Center for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg

2019             Victoria Bar, Berlin

2017             Greek State Museum of Contemporary Art

2016             Kosmetik Salon Babette, Berlin

2016             Petra Rietz Salon, Berlin

2016             A trans@Platforms Projects, Art-Athina, Athens

2015             Acud Macht Neu, Berlin

2015             A trans@Platforms Projects, Art-Athina, Athens

2014             A trans@Zweigstelle, Berlin

2014             Art-Athina, Athens

2011             Galerie Susan Nielsen, Paris

2010             La Vitrine, Paris

2010             Kunsttherapie, Berlin

2009             Kehraus, Berlin

2007             Cultural Center Thessaloniki, Greece

2005             Galerie Birthe Laursen, Paris

2003             Galerie Birthe Laursen, Paris and Denmark

2001             Galerie Birthe Laursen, Paris

2000             Goethe Institute, Thessaloniki, Greece

1998             Livingroom Project, Paris

1997             Novito, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

1994             Big Orbit Gallery, Buffalo, NY, USA

1993             Pyramid Arts Center, Rochester, NY, USA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2021             Schöneshow, curated by Semra Sevin, Berlin

2021             Idiolithes, KRAATZ, EP7, Paris

2020             Wiederwachen, Gleisdreieck, Berlin, curated by Semra Sevin

2019             Haus der Statistik, Writing on Art, Performance with Forbes Morlock, Berlin

2019             TNT Gallery, curated by Poul Weile, Shenzen, China

2019             Freigänger, curated by Crispin Gurholt and Helga Marie Norby, Berlin

2019             HilbertRaum, curated by Matthias Deutsch, Berlin

2019             Quartair, curated by Ex-Mekh, Den Haag, the Netherlands

2019             Alpineum Produzentengalerie Luzern, Switzerland

2019             West End, curated by Hans Könings, Den Haag, the Netherlands

2018             Enia Gallery, Athens

2018             KanyaKage, Berlin

2017             Maedchenkammer, curated by Crispin Gurholt, Berlin

2017             Art-Athina, Athens, KRAATZ

2016             Kosmetik Salon Babette, Berlin, RUW!

2016             tête, RUW!, Berlin

2015             Alpineum Produzentengalerie Luzern, Switzerland

2015             tête, RUW!, Berlin

2015             Zweigstelle, Berlin

2014             Alpineum Produzentengalerie Luzern, Switzerland

2014             Schaufenster, RUW!, Berlin

2012             Riverclub Gallery, Int. Architecture Biennale Rotterdam, NL

2008-12       Galerie Susan Nielsen, Paris

2007             Copenhagen Art Fair, Denmark

2003-08       Galerie Birthe Laursen, Denmark

2001-07       Galerie Birthe Laursen, Paris

2005             Copenhagen Art Fair, Denmark

2004             Centre d’Art Sébastien, St Cyr sur Mer, France

1996             Western NY Artists, Hallwalls, Buffalo, NY, USA

1995             Dichter aan Huis, Den Haag, NL

1995             Village Gate Arts Expo, Rochester, NY, USA

1994             Upstate Invitational, Pyramids Arts Center, Rochester, NY, USA

1993             Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY, USA



2016             “At Sea”, Marian Wijnvoord, Cube Art Editions

2016             “Marian Wijnvoord, Living Room Project Berlin 2016”

2015             “Marian Wijnvoord, Living Room Project Berlin 2015”

2014             “Marian Wijnvoord, Living Room Project Berlin”

2007             “Marian Wijnvoord, keeping busy”, ISBN 978-960-6687-06-8

2003             “Marian Wijnvoord”, catalogue, ISBN  2-915119-09-5

2001             “Marian Wijnvoord”, catalogue, ISBN 2-9516254-5-6

2000             “Marian Wijnvoord”, catalogue, Goethe Institut

1996             “Marian Wijnvoord at Burnham” Antje Parker, ARE catalogue

1995             “De ideale haagsche huiskamer” Ferry Simons, catalogue


2019             National Center for Contemporary Arts, St. Petersburg, Russia 

2019             Steigen AIR, Leinesfjorden, Norway

2018             Goethe Institute, Greece 

2017             Nordic Artists Center Dale, Norway 

1997             Cite des Arts Internationales, Paris 

1995             Western New York Residency, Burnham, NY